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Jeffrey Kenner, Wife Pay $7.6M for 920 Fifth Ave Co-op

Jeffrey L. Kenner, the founder and CEO of leveraged buyout firm Kenner & Company, and his wife Hyunja Kenner just paid $7.6 million for an 8-room 2 bedroom, 3½ bathroom apartment at 920 Fifth Avenue.

The co-op sold for $1.175 million less than the apartment’s original $8,775,000 list price when it first came on the market in April 2010.

The sellers were Benjamin and Susan Winter, who traded up to a $12 million co-op apartment at 765 Park Avenue earlier this year.
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November 28, 2010   No Comments

Apple iPad: a Realtor’s Dream Marketing Tool

The new Apple iPad is a realtor’s dream.

No previous technology — absolutely nothing — appears to come close to helping realtors sign new clients and showcase New York City co-op and condo apartments in such a snazzy, portable package.

The Apple iPad

You can hop on the subway or take a cab to your busy client’s home or office, and showcase potential dream homes for your clients in delicious, vibrant color.

Of course, for realtors using the Apple gadget to market their wares, the iPad and monthly data fees should be tax-decuctible business expenses (Note: check with your accountant to be sure).

It’s one thing to open up your 3-6 pound notebook computer to show properties, but the iPad will offer an entirely user-friendly perspective.

You’ll be opening up full-color photos of co-ops and condos that you’ve either pre-selected in advance of your meeting, or just downloaded moments before. Unlike the iPhone, photos on the iPad will be huge.

Imagine hearing “Ooohs” and “Aaahs” from clients and other brokers as they look at the photos of your exclusive. Then take it to the next level: just put the iPad in their hands.

It’s like the car dealer closing getting the deal with the customer after giving them the pen — you leave it in their hands. Let them be the decisionmaker. The moment you try and take the pen away after you just put it in their hand, you’ve jeopardized the sale. The same thing with the iPad.

Let clients and other brokers scroll through the details of the apartment. Watch them pass it back and forth to one another. WIth huge images, the ability to watch a YouTube or Quicktime video, and browse a PDF of detailed comps for other co-ops, the buyer (and seller that you’re trying to sign) will feel like they are in control.

That feeling is empowering, and the iPad can help you make it happen.

If there is one key drawback, however, it’s probably the lack of Flash support for existing collateral that you may already be using.

Realtors: if you plan to use the iPad, comment below and talk about your decision.

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January 27, 2010   11 Comments